Money spells

I have money spells that will increase your wealth, money spells to help you get more money and money spells to solve all your financial problems. I have access to the supernatural world and can use my divination powers to change your money fortunes and set you to a path of abundancy and no lack. Contact Dr. zizu at or +27 76 735 0987 for spiritual consultations using spells, muthi and spiritual cleansing rituals.

Spiritual rats for money, short boy spirits for money, magic wallet spells, lottery money spells, business spells and casino winning spells. Wealth spells will balance your spiritual energy and reconnect you to the ancestral spirits to help you experience unparalled success and prosperity in your life, business and finances. Wealth spells to banish your debts, help you achieve financial success and banish your business problems. Powerful money spells to help you get money, get a job, get a loan, increase business and achieve financial success.

Psychic Services

I have many divinatory tools at my disposal. From looking into crystal balls, reading your palm, i have many ways to predict the future. So in addition to cartomancy, i am pleased to offer several other tools for divinization.

Palm Reading

The structure of the lines in your palms carries different meanings and have direct impact on your love life, finances, health, wealth and life span, to mention but a few.

Crystal Ball Reading

I have a crystal ball that reads from the past to the future, because the future cannot exist without the past and the past is useless without future.

Psychic Reading

I have insights that will give you the present situation in your relationship how your relationship with your partner will be like in the future.

Tarot Card Reading

This spell helps you improve your skills at reading the cards. It also works as a great Tarot card blessing when you get a new deck. This spell works effecctively on gamblers.

Fortune Telling

There are times when you badly need to recall your ancestral spirits. And in some situations in life, it takes a whole of spiritual intervention to overcome life barriers or problems that are beyond human control.

Dream Translation

My dream interpretation can give you an insight into what your current dream may mean. Enter a description of your dream below and I will interpret it for you.

Voodoo Healing

Fix relationship problems with voodoo love spells boost the love between two lovers. Voodoo love spells also fix marriage problems and increase love between lovers

Love Spell

You are not in a happy, fulfilling relationship or not in a relationship at all, you should consider having a Love Spell cast on your behalf by me.

Black and white magic

white magic is magic that the speaker considers to be acceptable magic, while black magic is that which is unacceptable, and the limits of acceptable and unacceptable are defined by culture.